“Transfer your shop’s data in few clicks”

Helping merchant transfer and manage data from other plattforms to shopify’s store in a simple, efficient, and reliable way.

Understanding merchant’s pains in shop management with wide range of databases, Datamove is designed to allow merchants to manage data without much effort. The app gets the job done in minutes.


Bulk Data transfer

Move data from other platforms to Shopify and vice versa.

Data import/ export

Export and import store data from Excel/CSV files.

Specific Data update

Datamove allows merchant directly update store’s data by specific fields while keeping existing data. Merchants do not need to reimport all fields at the same time.

Store’s Data backup

Allow merchant to backup store data on demand. 

Why Datamove?

Simple to use

Simple way to transfer data between multiple platforms, get your store’s data moving in minutes.

Cost Free

100% Free to access all features provided by Datamove.

Various Supported Platforms

Various supported platforms which include: Magento, WooCommerce / WordPress, BigCommerce, Pages, Blog Posts, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Uploaded file, URL, FTP/SFTP, etc

How Datamove works?

Happy Clients

See how customers think about Datamove!

“I was looking for a solution to export my product feed with certain categories (price and SKU in particular) and thanks to the developer immediately adding the functionality based on my feedback, I am now able to do it! Recommend this app to anybody who is frustrated with the poor customizability options with shopify’s export feature. Much easier sheet to work with.”


“I used this app to store my shop data then I can copy them to my management file, It helped me to save much time. Really liked it.”

The Little Hanoi

“This app is very helpful to me. It allows me to choose and update specific products’ fields. Quick & simple to use. Also the support guy was nice with quick respond.”

Helen Hair

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Frequency Questions & Answers

  1. How many items can I process for each import/ export action?
  2. Where can I find templates for import file?
  3. Is our data safe?

Please read this article carefully, you might find the solution for common errors while using Datamove.

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